Loadout: Real World Gear

Here’s a tried a tested loadout of essentials that Brenton has refined over the years to make sure he has most eventualities covered.

Top front pocket:

  • 2x tubes of glucose tablets (for low blood sugar).

  • Spare Insulin and connectors to Insulin pump as well as spare AAA battery for pump.

Lower front pocket:

Main compartment:

On top of the EDC items I have in my pockets, this is the bag I will have in the car with me and carry if I am more than 30-60 mins from the house or car.

It has been refined over the years and I have tried to only include essentials to keep weight down whilst also trying to ensure I have most eventualities covered.

This is real world gear with a limited budget, rather than a selection of the coolest gadgets available.

I live in the North of England with its climate and knife laws, I also have Type 1 Diabetes, so this is built around those parameters. I would add a knife if I can legally justify it.

It is always great to share ideas and experiences and some of my loadout has been shaped by other people’s ideas, I hope it helps you.

Suggestions or questions welcome.

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Mar 5, 2021