Loadout: Inherited Adventure Pack

This carry passed from one son to the next. Vick (father) aims to buy quality items, so they can be used well and provide years of fun.
  • Tatonka Alpine Kid (2011)
  • SIGG water bottle Cuipo Kids Cezar’s Face 0.3l
  • Buff Reversible Cap – nice UV protection
  • Silva Metro Compass – green
  • Klein Swiss Army knife – kids Victorinox with magnifying lens!
  • Gloves – cheep ones but with “mountains” sign
  • Meat snacks – “Kabanosy” – thin, dried sausages

The pack, the bottle and the compass were used by my older son and now the younger one will be wearing them. My kids just use items so if it tears or breaks (accidentally) – it gets torn or broken. Buy quality items, use it and have fun for years.

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May 5, 2021