Camera Kit Upgrades

We recently pulled the plug on some camera upgrades and as a result here is our new set up for photography and video.

  • Arca Swiss Mount
    A truly adaptable mount that works great with the Peak Design mounting system (not pictured).
  • Rode VideoMicro Compact
    Minimal testing of this has happened, but it appears to be a great entry level mic for what we need. Watch this space!
  • Canon EOS R with 35mm Lens
    Used to take this photo. Aside from being a huge upgrade from the Nikon D3000 we used for years, my words to Mrs Config were “It’s hard to take a bad photo!”. 35mm is what I’m used to and works just right for all our photos so far.
  • Joby GorillaPod (old model)
    This has been used for years. Not sure if it’ll stand up to the weigh of our new set up as it wasn’t designed for it. So far it has worked ok.
  • Swiss Army Knife Tinker with Vader Bead
    I finally upgraded the scales on my Tinker after over 10 years of use (including black toothpick and tweezers!). Of course the actual tool just needed a clean which it gets regularly. This is the perfect companion for a photoshoot, with just the right level of tools without being too heavy. Featuring the Vader Bead from our store, which I haven’t promoted since its launch many years ago, but still we regularly sell them!
  • Olight i3T
    I always prefer to shoot outside (despite the lack of lighting control!) but having a torch can be helpful for an extra boost of light in the right place, plus it’s already in my pocket, so no need for extra gear.
  • iPhone Mount
    This thing is solid and I’ve used it to hold my iPhone 11 in for vlogging with total confidence.
  • Joby Compact Tripod
    Currently used as a desk mount for the Mic, still it works for the lighter stuff.
  • PeliCase
    Always a good piece of kit for rock solid transport of expensive gear.

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Apr 15, 2022