Review: Helikon-Tex Bushcraft Satchel

Brian Redgrave gives us his run down of this modern classic.

Knapsack, Ditty Bag, Haversack, and a few other terms for an outdoors shoulder bag, have been around for centuries as a simple go to carry option.

With the convenience of this style bag an outdoorsman could pack their essentials, often musket ammo materials, some form of first aid, water, cutting tools, etc. and be ready to venture at a moment’s notice. These bags were often made of leather, or canvas, and were fairly basic in design. 

Fast forward a century or so later modern outdoor satchel style bags are often made using a Cordura fabric, use plastic hardware, and typically have various pockets in addition to the main compartment. 

When choosing an outdoor satchel style bag, I wanted something easy to carry, fairly basic in design but with some added features, a well-blended color scheme to match with my usual go to outdoor surroundings, and more importantly could carry my essential outdoor kit. 

After looking at more than a few brand names I came across the Helikon-Tex Bushcraft Satchel. The bag checked off about 90 percent of what I was looking for compared to other bags so I placed the order. Soon after the brown truck arrived and I couldn’t wait to load up the Satchel with my go-to outdoor kit and head out. 

The Helikon-Tex Bushcraft Satchel features a large main compartment measuring approximately 12”w x 12”h x 6”d. Inside the main compartment you will find an 8”w x 9”h mesh zippered pocket as well two internal bottle holder pockets large enough to fit a 32oz Nalgene bottle in either pocket. On the outer wall of the main compartment is a 12”w x 8”h zippered pocket, perfect for easy access items like gloves or a map. 

The sides of the Bushcraft Satchel feature side pockets and 3 rows of 1” (4 slot) MOLLE webbing to attach additional pouches. What is unique to these side pockets is to the right of the pocket is a pass through for ease of carrying a hatchet or small shovel. 

This pass through I’ve found helps balance the satchel during carry. The nylon shoulder strap measures 2” in width, has two 1” plastic buckles on both sides, and can adjust from 20” to 36”. Additionally, there is 1” nylon webbing that goes along the sides and the bottom and can be used to attach your favorite carabiner, a bundle of rope, small tent, etc. 

For a well-built and priced piece of kit the Helikon-Tek Bushcraft Satchel is a great choice. When loaded with my outdoors kit the satchel carries quite well. 

There are only a couple items I would add to the Bushcraft Satchel to meet my personal wants. Those items would be a padded shoulder strap for when loads get over 15lbs and a small loop panel to adhere a morale patch or two. Other than these two small items, if you’re in the market for a bushcraft style satchel take a look at Helikon-Tex.

By Brian Redgrave

Contributor, more posts.