Review: Colfax Design Works Camera Sling Strap

Like finding the right pack that fits you and your lifestyle, finding the right camera strap is just as challenging, just as daunting and just as rewarding.

by | 7, Apr 2017 | David Massey, Review

Every photographer is different, with different anatomy, shooting different events, subjects and with different needs. Camera strap companies have tried every angle to design straps. You can’t really reinvent the wheel when it comes to carrying a camera, because there are only so many ways to do it and chances are, it’s been done. That said, there’s always a way to do something better or wheels that roll better.

I have been shooting photos professionally for close to 20 years and I have tried many a strap that does what I need it to do, uncomfortably and awkwardly so. I saw the Camera Sling Strap by Colfax Design Works and was able to try it out with great results… I’m a fan.

Colfax Design Works is a company that has produced some awesome packs for the active and adventurous. Chances are that you will want to document part of that excitement in your life. Buy a camera and buy this strap.

For the active photographer (active shooter just didn’t sound right) a strap that is highly adjustable is a crucial feature to have. When you’re climbing up to get a higher perspective, or jumping in and out of vehicles, having a strap that runs cross-body is pretty much the only way to go. Straps worn on the shoulder will always slip off eventually. This design prevents that possibility.

The mil-spec webbing used is resin coated to be smooth so that it adjusts with ease also aiding in moving the camera up and down on the webbing. The 1” webbing attaches to the hardware that holds the camera and the 1.75” webbing goes over the shoulder. You can adjust the strap like a noose, to be as tight to your body as you want, with as much lead strap going to your camera as you want. The camera glides through the plastic hardware easily. 

The design of the strap allows you to cinch it to your body tightly, with the smaller strap then hanging down below that allowing for quick movement of the camera. It gives you a non-constrictive connection to the camera than your average strap that connects to the camera at two points.

This sling really impressed me when I connected it to my longer lens and an extra body. The 70-200 f2.8 is’t terribly heavy or cumbersome, but when you add that to the mix on a second camera body, things get a little awkward trying to juggle about about $15,000 worth of gear on your shoulders. It was nice to have the lens connected by the tripod mount balancing the camera and lens on the sling when hanging down. This alleviated me from having to do that shoulder hunchback of Notre Dame thing, to keep your free camera on your shoulder while shooting with a shorter lens. It was an asset to my shooting that day and will be in the future.


The Camera Sling Strap attaches to your tripod mount with threaded and locking chrome plated carabiner. Of course, that makes using a tripod with your camera impossible, but tripod shots are a different kind of photography than the active shot scenario, so it’s a non-issue.

I have had camera straps fail on me before resulting in expensive drops, shattering expensive glass, smashing camera bodies, a gut-wrenching tragedy no doubt, so investing in the right camera strap should be a no brainer. You wouldn’t drive your Porsche around on cheap balled tires would you?

The chrome plated carabiner has a locking mechanism to ensure no unexpected openings.

If you’re running around with the factory strap that shipped with your camera, it’s time to up your game. Whether you’re a busy events photographer, sports shooter or a commercial photographer there’s a lot of up and down with your camera rig. Do yourself a favor and try out the Camera Sling Strap from Colfax Design Works.

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David Massey Senior Contributor & Recon Specialist

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