ADVENTURERS: Kei Fujimoto and Takeshi Majima


Sawanobori, or stream climbing – a form of traditional Japanese mountaineering


35°C with warm water temperature


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Field Report

It’s so hot in summer that I don’t go to the low mountains. Instead, I often go SAWANOBORI which is a traditional Japanese climbing style. There are many valleys in Nara suitable for SAWANOBORI.

The location is Kuzugawa in the Omine Mountains of Nara Prefecture. Since the main route for this adventure is swimming, we made sure we had wet suits.

Even in the summer, the water temperature can be so low that there is a risk of hypothermia. However, for us the temperature was 35 degrees and the water temperature was also very high. I ended up in danger of getting heat stroke, so I took my wetsuit off.

The scenery was very nice, but the water smells. Since there are villages around, it could have been domestic waste water flowing. I was a little disappointed because the Omine Mountains are famous for their beautiful water. However, there are many valleys in Mt.Omine, so I look forward to the next adventure.

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