Day hike with my wife and our dogs.


Approx. 30°C, sunny all day.


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Field Report

We have a family house a few tens of kilometers from this island. My wife and I love going to spend a day there, it is a very quiet place with an incredible variety of scenery. You can very well spend a half day walking in the forest and end up eating by the sea and finally take a break in a small village.

This place is relaxing and that’s why, every time we go there, we make sure we move the most possible on foot.

This is what we did on that day… we left our car near a village to the north east of Lile then we walk the day with our dogs. Luckily the weather was very sunny and we were able to enjoy the air from the sea to the max.

My choice of items was made according to the situation, I did not eat anything because we were eating at the restaurant, I just made sure to take as much water as we needed for our two dogs, who are happy to accompany us on days like this.

The rest of my items have not changed, I always have a medic kit as well as a multitool and a fixed blade. I also took a compact towel to wipe us after we bathed, as well as for the dogs.

As expected, the day ended with an ice cream (My wife thinks that a successful day at sea ends with an ice cream) in the old port of the city where we left our car!

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