Ru Stag Bead


The Ru Stag Beads have been hand-crafted by Ru, of Ru-Titley-Knives, out of stag antlers. All of the antlers used are from the herd that Ru used to oversee.

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Reconnaissance, in it’s simplest form, is about exploring an unknown territory to gain information. This Recon patch represents our willingness to explore and report back on our findings. For many this takes the form of photographs that remind us of our own experiences and inspire others to discover for themselves. For others it serves as a reminder of the boldness it takes to travel to unknown and dangerous places.

Using vintage Navy Photographic Reconnaissance Squad patches as inspiration, the elements have been designed to allow the user to interpret for themselves. The aperture opening of a camera with a compass dial, or the barrel of a gun surrounded by crosshair markings? Whatever they mean for you, the focus is on the great outdoors.

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Weight20 g


The herd traces its bloodline back to the world famous Furzeland herd, which at one point was in the Guinness World Records for most number of antler points and for point hardness. As these are handcraft from natural materials, each bead will be slightly varied in both size, shape and colouring, giving you a truly unique piece.

Each bead roughly measures between 13-15mm in diameter and between 7-9mm thick. They are fitted with an eyelet that has a 6mm diameter hole, that will allow two pieces (or a loop) of paracord to be passed through at the same time. They can be easily slipped off your chosen lanyard for adding to your own paracord creations. The true paracord lanyards, handmade by myself, measure 5.5″ and are 16″ when fully unravelled.

Please note: The bead you own will not match the product image exactly, due to the natural material. If you have any questions, please email me.


  • 1x Ru Stag Bead
  • 13-15mm diameter
  • 7-9mm thick
  • 6mm diameter eyelet
  • Military green paracord lanyard

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