Ru-Marker Wrap Kit




These Ru Marker Wrap Kits include a Double Eyeleted Cyflect or Orange SOLAS Marker, 4 GITD moon glow dots, and a 1″ x 3″ loop panel with a hook panel securely glued to the reverse of one end of the loop panel. This official Ru-Titley-Knives made kit can be used to add visibility to your kit by wrapping it around any 1″ webbing that is 2″ or longer. You can also use the wrap to add loop to a pack for displaying ranger eye style or other smaller patches (such as our Logo Ranger Patch).

Choose between the high visibility Cyflect tape that both glows after being charged (by sunlight or a torch) and strongly reflects lights such are car headlamps, or the 3M, US Coast Guard approved, flexible prismatic reflective (USCGFP) marine grade tape that also strongly reflects lights.



1” x 2” Double Eyelet Marker with hook backing (choose either Cyflect or Orange SOLAS)

1” x 3” loop panel with a <1” x 2” hook panel securely glued to the reverse of one end

4 x 10mm GITD moon glow dots with hook backing

Shipping information:

All packages containing Ru Products will be dispatched, together with any other items purchased, within 12 working days of placing the order, except during specified holiday periods or for pre-order products.

Orders made from the United States and other International countries will be shipped International Standard ($5.00), please allow minimum of 2 weeks for delivery (usually 2-5 weeks). Orders made from the UK will be shipped First Class please allow 1-2 working days for delivery. Tracked shipping is also available, but won’t guarantee speeding up these delivery times.