Risk, Adapt & Rise Patch Set


2 x 2.75” square patches and 1 x 3.00” circular patch, 100% embroidered with hook backing.

WOOCS 1.2.7

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Risk, Adapt & Rise Patch Set


The winged serpent was the insignia for the U.S. 130th Infantry “Phantom” Division during WWII. The patches of the phantom divisions were distributed to troops of other divisions, who in wearing them created the illusion of a much larger force.

To overcome our obstacles, be it a battle, a river or rough terrain on a trail or simply a tough life situation, sometimes the risk-filled approach is the one that will help us overcome. Over time the winged serpent has grown into a dragon (partly to please my dragon loving son!) but also to show how sometimes taking risks can help us grow into better people.


Unlike many patches that have a ‘right way round’, the Adapt design works whichever way up you choose to wear it. This is to remind us to be adaptable in the face of opposition.

Inspired by the iconic 4th Infantry Divisions Ivy flash, the Adapt patch uses a similar stylised ivy to symbolise the tenacious approach that we should have in taking decisive action. The bow and arrow introduced an adaptable, strategic and precision-based approach to dealing with our enemies. There’s even a visual nod to the adaptation of this weapon over time. When you throw on the Adapt patch, YOU can set the direction.


Whatever situation you are facing, this patch reminds us all to rise above the fray, be the better person and approach your problems from a new perspective. Also, by adjusting the orientation, it can symbolise a surprise offensive from above. A key strength of anything that holds the higher position.

The spears are inspired by the British Airborne Division’s Pegasus insignia and the rising eagle not only symbolises an ability to take the higher perspective, but speaks of Pack Config’s close relationship with the US. Together we can move forward.

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