Pierce The Dark



The Beskar Spear and the Dark Saber are icons of finesse in combat and power in battle. Now everyone’s favourite galactic hero wields both in his campaign against those who oppress. Whether you favour pure simplicity or technological advancements, overcoming challenges in your life is possible when the right tools are paired with a positive mindset.

The Pierce the Dark Set Bead, handcrafted by Ru Titley, features a beskar spear inspired outer and dark saber style core.

The Spear Bead echoes the details on the Beskar Spear with a core that glows blue after being exposed to light. You can pick these Ru Titley, handcrafted beads up with a simple paracord lanyard or combine with the Dark Saber for a combined look.

The unique handcrafted Dark Saber replicates the form of the ancient and unique black-bladed lightsaber, featuring a blue glow core and traditional Ru Titley cogging effect. Choose to combine this with the Beskar Spear Bead for a truly Mandalorian carry.

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