Mudhorn Recon Patch




When we survive something together, a new clan is born. Chose to bring in one of these galactic Mudhorn Recon patches Warm or to bring one in Cold. Either way you become part of the new clan that is born out of this adversity. These patches are available in either red warm or blue cold… or you can buy both!


2.8” diameter

100% embroidered

Hook backing

Shipping information:

All packages will be dispatched within 7 days of placing the order, except during specified holiday periods or for pre-order products.
Orders made from the United States and other International countries will be shipped International Standard ($5.00), please allow minimum of 2 weeks for delivery (usually 2-5 weeks). Orders made from the UK will be shipped First Class please allow 1-2 working days for delivery. Tracked shipping is also available, but won’t speed up these delivery times.

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