Modern Recon Ranger Patch


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Modern Recon Ranger Patch


This patch takes the popular topographic Modern Recon design and reduced it down into a handy, ranger-sized patch (1.5”). The aperture from the previous designs is still present in the blue ring, that is also reminiscent of a power icon, representing our conscious attempt to switch off to technology and switch our attention onto where we are exploring and what adventure we’re having.

Reconnaissance, in it’s simplest form, is about exploring an unknown territory to gain information. This ranger-sized Recon patch represents our willingness to explore and report back on our findings. For many this takes the form of photographs that remind us of our own experiences and inspire others to discover for themselves. For others it serves as a reminder of the boldness it takes to travel to unknown and dangerous places. Using vintage Navy Photographic Reconnaissance Squad patches as inspiration, the elements have been designed to allow the user to interpret for themselves. Whatever they mean for you, the focus is on the great outdoors.


1.5” diameter

100% embroidered

Hook backing

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