Mandalorian Clan of Two



Mandalorian Clan of Two Patch:
The Mudhorn is a symbol of a new clan born out of adversity, behind this is a background featuring the symbol of the Mandalorian Deathwatch Clan that rescued the coolest galactic babysitter to hit our screens. The force wielding palm is subtly backed by the symbol of the new foundlings origins.

This patch represents two worlds colliding and forming a new path together.

The Child Lanyard Bead:
Encapsulating the unbridled cuteness of the Mandalorian foundling into a bead and lanyard form was not easy. By using a delicate combination of a smaller eyelet, Type I paracord and Ru’s signature cog shape we’ve come up with a lanyard or zipper pull that makes an ideal reminder of the force wielding youngster.

These beads are fitted with an eyelet that has a 4mm diameter hole, that will allow two pieces (or a loop) of type I paracord to be passed through at the same time. They can be easily slipped off the included type I paracord loop for you to customise the lanyard to your own needs.

Whistling Bird Amulet:
A fantastically tactical weapon used by our favourite gunslinging babysitter, the whistling birds can be used to blast out of the toughest situations.

When tasked with representing this in pendant form, Ru Titley (of Ru Titley Knives) handcrafted these fantastic Whistling Bird Amulets using copper rods which have been blackened. With each being formed by hand slight differences may occur and therefore each piece is truly unique. Each bird comes tied onto a type 1 black paracord lanyard with a knot that can be adjusted to make either of the loops the large end.


Mandalorian Clan of Two Patch:
2.8″ x 5.75″
100% embroidered
Hook backing

The Child Lanyard Bead: 
11mm diameter
7mm thick
4mm diameter eyelet
Child robes lanyard

Whistling Bird Amulet:
Please note each piece is uniquely handcrafted and sizes may vary slightly
71mm length
7.9mm diameter
Around 4mm diameter hole
Simple black type I paracord loop

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The Child Lanyard

Whistling Bird Amulet

Comparison of previous “Iron Heart” shaped patches

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