These deluxe Mandalorian Armour beads are hand cut and then shaped by Ru (of Ru Titley Knives) into his signature mini cog design. The bead has an etched and stonewashed helmet stainless steel outer with a plate armour brown vulcanised fibre liner. Inside is the central core made of Kirinite “Starlight” acrylic. Starlight appears as a pale yellow in daylight but glows a bright vibrant green after being exposed to light. The limited edition lanyards have been inspired by the travel beaten garb of the newest space western icon.

The included Mandalorian patch features my interpretation of the galactic gunfighter’s helmet design, with a background that reflects elements of his shoulder and gauntlet details. This patch is the fourth design in the on-going armour/shield series.

Only 40 boxed sets will ever be assembled and each set comes with a numbered card to validate its authenticity.

Each bead measures 14mm in diameter and is 9mm thick (including the eyelet). They are fitted with an eyelet that has a 6mm diameter hole, that will allow two pieces (or a loop) of paracord to be passed through at the same time. They are securely fixed into the lanyard design (handmade by myself) by a diamond knot.

The new lanyard design uses Paracord Type I, to allow for the end loop to be passed through a greater range of lanyard holes than ever before, without compromising its strength. 

Please note: These beads will be made available as single items (with a very simple lanyard design), but never as this combined, numbered set. The limited edition lanyards will not be made available again in future.

  • 1 x Mandalorian patch
  • 2.25” x 3”
  • 100% embroidered
  • Hook backing
  • 1 of 40 Mandalorian Armour Beads
  • 14mm diameter
  • 9mm thick
  • 6mm diameter eyelet
  • Limited edition lanyard


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