Limited Fett Recon Set


1 x Fett Recon patch, 2.8” diameter, 100% embroidered with hook backing.
1 of 40 Limited Edition Boba Beads + Lanyards, bead: 14mm diameter, 9mm thick, 6mm diameter eyelet.

WOOCS 1.2.7

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Limited Fett Recon Set

For the true bounty hunters among us, these limited edition sets have been created as a collaboration of three trade federations. The Fett Recon patch has been inspired by both our Recon patches and the Mandalorian Crest worn by perhaps the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy. The design feature a nod to the renown of this famous mercenary in the form of a series of yellow “kill stripes” and the wheat (vhett) symbol also glows in the dark.

Ru (of Ru Titley Knives), creator of all our beads, used the patch as an inspiration for the hand crafting of 40 limited edition Boba beads. Each bead has been paired with a complimentary lanyard put together by Aidan of PGUK (a well known local paracord store), to create a truly unique set of items.

Each set comes with a numbered card to validate its authenticity.

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