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Treasure Seeker Patch:
Three items common in nature have been collected by treasure seekers, young and old, for centuries. Pretty leaves, narly sticks and smooth stones can be found in the packs, or pockets, of adventurers around the globe. The Treasure Seeker Patch represents the collective of natural treasure hoarders that many of us are part of.

Red Squirrel Patch
The native species of bushy tailed rodent in our United Kingdom, the red squirrel became outnumbered with the introduction of the grey. The island frequented by the config family has recently seen an increase in population of these beautiful critters and this patch celebrates the comeback of the underdog… err… undersquirrel!?!

Zipper Pull – Marker
This double sided high visibility Cyflect (glint & glow) tape marker increases the chances that you or your loved ones are be seen in the dark. The makers come with a length of black paracord (Type I), with a stopper knot on one end, that can be passed through most zipper pulls for attaching it onto bags or jackets.

Rainbow Bead:
Ru (of Ru Titley Knives) discovered a rare source of unicorn poop and of course he crafted a rainbow bead with it! In the UK the rainbow recently became a symbol of solidarity with our beloved NHS in the fight against COVID. In our house it will always represent an eternal promise. Whatever it’s meaning to you, the vibrant twist of colours creates a truly unique bead each time.

The Rainbow Bead has been handcrafted by Ru from a rainbow resin into his signature cog shaped design. These beads are fitted with an eyelet that has a 6mm diameter hole, that will allow two pieces (or a loop) of paracord to be passed through at the same time. They can be easily slipped off the included glow in the dark paracord loop for you to customise the lanyard to your own needs.


Treasure Seeker Patch:
2.2″ diameter
100% embroidered
Merrowed border
Hook backing

Red Squirrel Patch:
1.7″ x 2.2″
100% embroidered
Hot cut border
Hook backing

Zipper Pull: 
0.75″ diameter double sided Cyflect Marker
Paracord (Type I) cord with stopper knot
1.5″ loop length for attachment
6mm diameter eyelet

Rainbow Bead:
Please note each piece is unique due to the material
20mm diameter
9mm thick
6mm diameter eyelet
Glow in the dark paracord lanyard

Shipping information:

All packages containing Ru Products will be dispatched, together with any other items purchased, within 12 working days of placing the order, except during specified holiday periods or for pre-order products. All patch only orders will be dispatched within 7 days of placing the order, except during specified holiday periods or for pre-order products.

For International orders please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for delivery (usually 2-5 weeks) and 1-2 working days for UK delivery. Tracked + Signed shipping is an optional extra for patch orders and is required for orders containing beads. Please make sure you select this option if you would like to track your order.

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Zipper Pull

Rainbow Bead

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