Joker Bead




This bead, inspired by probably the most unhinged villain out there, is a unique item handmade by Ru, shaped into his signature XL cog design. The bead has outer layers of suit purple anodised aircraft grade aluminium, with a pair of hair-green glow ShokRes liners (by Beyond Wood Products, which glow a bright green after being exposed to light) surrounding a white and red smile G-10 centre.

Each bead measures 18mm in diameter and is 9mm thick (including the eyelet). They are fitted with an eyelet that has a 6mm diameter hole, that will allow two pieces (or a loop) of paracord to be passed through at the same time. They can be easily slipped off your lanyard for adding to your own paracord creations. The true paracord lanyards, handmade by myself, measure 5.5″ and are 16″ when fully unravelled.


18mm diameter

9mm thick

6mm diameter eyelet

Simple silver grey paracord lanyard

Shipping information:

All packages containing Ru Products will be dispatched, together with any other items purchased, within 12 working days of placing the order, except during specified holiday periods or for pre-order products.

Orders made from the United States and other International countries will be shipped International Standard ($5.00), please allow minimum of 2 weeks for delivery (usually 2-5 weeks). Orders made from the UK will be shipped First Class please allow 1-2 working days for delivery. Tracked shipping is also available, but won’t guarantee speeding up these delivery times.

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