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ID Patch Kit 01

The Pack Config ID Patches have been designed primarily as a handy solution to identifying your pouches, but they can also be used as reminders of the skills you bring with you on a trip.

WOOCS 1.2.7


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ID Patch Kit 01 IDKit


Of course most parents reading this will know (and frequently exercise) the term “bribery and corruption”. These little patches could be a great way to achieve good behaviour and perhaps even grab yourself a few moments of peace. But in all seriousness… If you like encouraging your offspring to learn new skills, why not use these as reward badges for when they manage to independently put into practise something you’ve taught them.

Included in this first kit is a Recon (photography), BooBoo (First Aid) and Compass (navigation) patch for you to use however you choose.


  • 3 x ID Patches (Recon, BooBoo & Compass)
  • 1″ H x 2″ W
  • 100% embroidered
  • Hook backing
ID Patch Kit 01 Navigation
ID Patch Kit 01 IDPatch_Pouches

Pouch Identification

ID Patch Kit 01 IDPatch_Outside

Reminders of the Kit or Skills you carry

ID Patch Kit 01 IDPatch_Collection

Awards for when your child learns a new skill

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