Your Essential Checklist For Your Adventure Backpack

As you explore the world around you, it is vital that you have the essential gear you need to keep yourself safe and protected.

Whether you are exploring the local peaks and adventure points around you, or looking to explore further, to the world around you, you firstly need to make sure you are prepared for each expedition.

In this article, survival specialists, Heinnie Haynes are here to go through some of the essential items you need to complete your adventure backpack.


With lighting, you do have a variation to choose from, whether that be a handy head torch or tactical flashlight.

A sufficient light source is crucial for any adventurer and you should never consider going for your adventures without one. They help in a matter of situations, which includes exploring inside caves, looking into close detail of objects and hiking in the dark.

As an adventurer you need to make your light source becomes your new best friend, as they can help you analyse and protect, in a wide range of scenarios.

Appropriate Knives & Tools

If you are a UK reader, we want to highlight the importance of what knives you can buy.

We do have quite strict knife laws here in the UK, but it is important that you browse UK friendly EDC knives from a supplier you can trust. The knife needs to conform with the current UK knife laws, so make sure you research what is appropriate for you to purchase.

Having a knife on hand is great for adventures as you are easily able to cut and carve materials.

Emergency First Aid

One of the most vital components to have in your adventure backpack, is a form of emergency first aid.

Having a form of first aid is essential, as you have your own supply of medical care, which means you can help yourself in times where you may need to take action on an injury. 

It is also recommended that you have a first aid kit which is complete with a waterproof casing, as you know the components will be protected inside, no matter the activity. 

First aid kits also help to contribute to the essential help you need, whilst waiting for a professional.

As an adventurer, never take risks or become unorganised with your medical kit.


Whether you are looking to partake in an overnight adventure, or you need a temporary shelter for the testing weather conditions or to simply take in the sights around you, having a tent or form of shelter is crucial for your adventure gear checklist.

Nowadays, you can find a never ending array of tents and shelters to choose from, which can differ from lightness, ease of functionality and now even affordability.

Having a tent is also important, as they help protect you from mosquitos and other forms of pesky bugs that can cause harsh bites and irritation.


At Heinnie, we like to see ourselves as a serious outdoor company, but everyone needs to have a bit of fun every once in a while.

For example, playing cards are a simple backpack filler that can contribute to a fun way to wind down and relax whilst you take in the sights with either yourself or your adventure buddy.

As well as products such as spinners and dice. If you are taking the trip with your K9, then why not take a look at the revolutionising dog wearing essentials out there, which include light up collars, so your four legged friend is always in sight.


From waterproof jackets (which are a MUST in our UK weather conditions) to windproof jackets, base layers and boots, you need to make sure you take thorough research into the apparel wear you buy.

For instance, you need to think about the overall lightness of your apparel, as you will be carrying your backpack for long periods of time, but then you also need to analyse the layers you wear to how you currently cope with your elevated and normal body temperatures.

You can now buy apparel for a matter of expeditions, which include tactical, mountaineering, climbing and more.

These are the recommended apparel clothing pieces you should have –

  • Jacket
  • Hoodie/Sweater
  • Trousers/Shorts (Weather dependant)
  • Scarves & Headgear (In particular for the colder season)
  • Baselayers & Underwear
  • Tactical Belt
  • Eyewear
  • Gloves
  • Footwear


When adventuring, don’t accept having poor quality, tasteless food. Instead, have proper meals that are compact and easy to travel with, such as Expedition Food packs.

It is also vital that you maintain good energy levels, so make sure to include energy bars and energising food and drinks into your backpack, they are especially useful for on-the-go.

Food is vitally important for survival and for the long period of time spent outdoors, you will need good food to help keep up your strength.


Keeping good hygiene levels is one of the most important factors that needs to be considered.

Keeping up good hygiene is essential for your own body’s cleanliness, but keeping up with your typical hygiene routine can help you prepare properly for the day ahead and help keep you feeling good about yourself.

You can find travel hygiene kits today that are incredibly affordable and compact, which means they are lightweight and won’t take up vast amounts of room in your backpack.

Repair Kits

One of the worst things you can be faced with whilst out on your adventures, is finding out that your tent or form of shelter has been damaged or torn, and at its best it’s annoying, but realistically, it can be potentially life threatening.

Having a trusty emergency repair kit on hand can help you out, when you need it most. Most kits come available with sewing kits, glues, tapes and adhesives.

If you are looking to start adventuring, or looking to update your current adventure backpack, then it is a great idea to take some key points from this checklist.

Having the right gear on hand can be the pinpoint to your survival, so make sure you are properly prepared before going ahead with your next adventure.

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