Pack Essentials: Mechanix Gloves

by | Jan 5, 2016 | Nat Wagstaff, Pack Essentials | 0 comments

Enough of our user submitted posts feature Mechanix Wear gloves that they stand out as a favourite choice.

After some research into the brand and what they had to offer I could completely see why. Not only do most of their models have a highly varied colour selection, from red to MultiCam, but the choice of functions and features is comprehensive!

I had been using an old pair of ‘converted’ paintballing gloves for utility wear, so when I purchased these the difference for me was like chalk and cheese! Mechanix have devised their own measuring chart to help you find the right size and for me it worked perfectly. Mine fit snugly and have no unwanted seams or areas that produce hotspots that could turn into blisters.

On a recent Team Rubicon UK deployment I found the standard grip surface of my Coverts worked well, in some cases better that gloves of a different brand that were intentionally for gripping. Carrying wet objects or wearing the gloves in the rain obviously attracts water and you do notice them getting slightly heavier. But, when this happens, they seem to perform just as well, don’t massively chilled my hands and are very easy to wring out. Mechanix have a few models that are water resistant which I’m tempted to try out, seeing as most situations I’ve used mine in have involved water, but the Covert gloves work fine for now.

As well as the added grip they bring to the table, their tough palms help you avoid splinters and give extra protection against brambles, stingers and anything threatening to do damage to your hands. My hands love to dry out and crack on their own accord, so whenever I’m using them for rough work, a pair of super dextrous gloves is invaluable. I used to only like fingerless gloves as I always felt limited by full finger coverage, but these allow me to do most things without having to remove them.

This model has a Velcro tab closure which works great. The loop on each glove by the wrist makes pulling them on easier and allow you to attaching them to your pack. They’re also machine washable so when they get covered in dirt and grime you can throw them in a wash and they come out good as new. Mine have had about 5 or 6 washes so far and don’t show any signs of fading.

There are other gloves on the market, but these are a great place to start. They are great value for the quality and are a safe bet for any kit.

By Nat Wagstaff

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