Pack Essentials: GITD Markers

A large majority of safety products on the market ooze with un-coolness. But glow in the dark is always cool, which is why these markers made by Ru-Titley Knives are a great addition to any pack.

I knew it was going to be a challenge to show off the two key features of these products in one photo. It took several make-shift shadow-making devices, a torch and a bit of Photoshop to get to this result. The Cyflect material Ru uses can both glow in the dark and reflect light super effectively. When editing I was careful to not exaggerate either, and if anything I’m not showing it off enough.

Ever since picking up these original Cyflect Velcro Kit Markers from Ru I’ve thrown them on my pack and left them their. I usually make sure I’ve got something of his on me at all times, but definitely if I’m out on a hike. I’ve done a number of night walks and hiking in the twilight or dusk where my trail takes me across or along a road. They work great as an identifier for the rest of my group when we get spread out, as either the glint reflecting in their head torches or the glow (that lasts for more than your standard GITD items) can mark me out.

They’re great for marking out camps if you’re navigating back in the dark, on my keys to avoid losing them and I’ve even used them on my first aid kit (facing up in my pack) so with a head torch on it’s quick and easy to see. Besides all of their practical uses, they look good too especially with the sweet honeycomb texture. Most of Ru’s products have been through rigorous testing over the last two years. Andrew of Valley Deep Mountain High, a British Army veteran who now does SAR, has been developing them with Ru through frequent use in the field with his search and rescue team. The eyelet is one such development that ensures a longer lasting product. They also allow further customisation by adding different coloured dots behind these.

Ru is a great guy, always willing to put together your dream kit, customise a knife or even talk through a specific project or new product idea. The best way to order is to browse his website, find what you like and email him for a direct quote. He lives in the UK but constantly caters for US and other overseas customers. Order some markers or start a conversation with him about something else, you won’t regret it!

Anything I post up will have spent time in (or on!) my pack; either joining me for specific trips or being carried with me every day.

By Nat Wagstaff

Editor-In-Chief, more posts.

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