Pack Essential: MOLLE Sticks

Configeer #006, Clément Guerin, shares a more recent essential pack item that has adapted his carry to meet his needs.

Before going into the details of this accessory, I would like to explain the approach that led me to acquire this type of material.

At the beginning of the year, Nathaniel contacted me to ask what three items are essential to me everyday. The first item is without hesitation for me was a care kit. I always have one in my bag or a mini kit in my wallet. This kit is essential, one can be led to encounter situations that requires you to have a medic kit, so it is important to have one of these to hand.

It is therefore in this process that I have been developing for several months already the most suitable and complete medic kit in relation to my needs. I recently turned to the FAT BOY IFAK pouch from ITS TACTICAL. This pouch allows ultra fast access to the medic kit which, is a plus in my opinion. A medic kit that is not quickly accessible loses much of its utility.

After the acquisition of this pouch, I realized that, basically, it was not to the maximum of its flexibility. I fixed it on one of the blank spaces of my litespeed to have a direct access to the kit in case of need but, it is was not enough in my opinion. So I looked for a way to increase this accessibility (the fasteners provided with the pouch are really not practical at all and I had to find a way to replace them).

I finally found the grail! By searching on the site, ITS TACTICAL and with the help of my two friends Guillaume and Louis (Configeer #001 and Configeer #012) we found the MOLLE STICKS (currently out of stock, but also available here).

The MOLLE STICKS (MS) are a soft attachment system as well, like the tac tie of MAXPEDITION, or any other soft attachments. Where the MS differs from other attack systems is that it does not “loop”. The MS is simply a rod with a locking system at one end. It simply slips between the pocket and the place where you want to fix (for me the space on my Litespeed), it is locked and the trick is played.

Another way the MS differs from other systems is that in just one blow it can be unlocked, and therefore urgently removing the kit from its bag to have it immediately in your hands. We thus gain precious seconds to implement a medic kit for example. Upon installation, I modified the paracord by making a kind of handle to be able to detach the two MS at once.

Here’s a link to ITS Tactical Founder, Bryan Black, explaining the even quicker release system.

To conclude, these are, for me, indispensable accessories to the setting up of an effective medic kit.

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