Pack Essential: Fisher M4B Military Pen

Configeer #004, Jed Edwards, shares one of his pack essential carry items.

It’s important for me to be able to take quick notes, whether that’s an idea for a creative project or just a shopping list, wherever I am. Some folks like to make notes on a smartphone or just hope they’ll remember what they need later, but handwriting notes is quick and easy.

I use a few different notebooks, but the Fisher Space Pen is a real essential in my pack. Their pressurised ink cartridges will write anywhere a person might find themselves – including in zero-gravity. They’ll write in any weather, and make a great companion to Rite In the Rain notepads for that reason.

The M4B is Fisher’s military pen, meaning that it comes in a matte-black finish with a solid clicky action rather than a removable cap (that would only get lost). I think it looks very cool.

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