Pack Essential: BOND Travel Gear

Kei gives us his thoughts and some great shots of his latest essential pouch.

Editor: Kei received both the DASH Dopp Kit and the ESCAPADE Gear Pouch from Chris over at BOND Travel Gear who’s already done a great job of getting his (relatively) new company off the ground. Here are some of Kei’s thoughts on the pouches…

Kei: I travel for business on a frequent basis, so I’ve found these to be outstanding pouches for organizing small items! Both the Dopp Kit and the Gear Pouch open 180 degrees so they’re very easy to use.

ABOVE: The DASH Dopp Kit has a handle making it easy to carry and because of the mesh pockets, it is easy to quickly identify the contents.

ABOVE: The ESCAPADE Gear Pouch has various large and small pockets, making it easy to organize.

Editor: You can find these great looking pouches on their website linked below.

By Kei Fujimoto

Photographic Contributor & Adventurer, more posts.