Unpacked: Pocket Carry

Another from our unpacked series, Myck carries this pouch in his pockets to tackle any everyday tasks he comes across.

  • Pouch – (12cm x 8.5cm) Self made in light waxed canvas, #5 zip, 50mm velcro and 25mm D-ring
  •  Ix Alox Cadet (handy enough but not to scary if you whip it out in a public setting)
  • 1x Rogan Pry (sturdy and don’t mind scuffing this one up)
  • 1x Knipex Grips (found to be actually really useful as not got uk legal multitool)
  • 1x Titanium Tweezers (small parts as work need these for as well as being a splinter magnet)
  • 1x Swarf Pens “little S” in copper (small enough to always have with me)
  • 3x cable ties (always useful)
  • 1x Landy coin (like something to fidget with and rotate this with others)
  • 1x Cotton and microfibre Hank (self made and microfibre for cleaning glasses, spills or taking photos)
  • 3x Ranger Eyes (Coffee Gasoline) rotate these with many others (normally have Pack Config ones in the mix)
  • Don’t have a torch in there as always belt carry a torch

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Aug 2, 2022