Soldiers Work Carry

Here’s a great loadout that James uses for commuting to base everyday.

  • Messenger bag by Legion Tailors on Instagram with PackConfig Pathfinder Tab
  • HP laptop & charger cable (work laptop)
  • Moleskine diary
  • Moleskine notebook
  • Generic pen case with fountain pens
  • M90 desert cam pouch by LB Paracording on Instagram (holds my boo boo kit)
  • Maxpedition EDC pocket organiser, has all my electrical bits in (usb’s battery pack)
  • Nalgene small mouth bottle
  • Thermos food container (for soup)
  • Olight m1t Raider Plus
  • Leatherman Wave
  • Knipex Cobra
  • Carmex lip balm (cherry flavour)
  • Work keys attached Olight i3e EOS and SAK SD
  • Leatherman bit set
  • Leatherman ratchet extension

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Feb 15, 2022