Resistance Pilot Last Ditch Survival

Inspired by our latest galactic bucket patch, I wondered if I could create a survival kit for a downed X-Wing Pilot using items I had at home. Here what I came up with…

  • Storm Shelter – you never know what kind of planet you’ll end up on!
  • Paracord – useful for a ton of things including creating your own longer term shelter, plus inners can be removed for small game hunting or fishing if that’s an option.
  • Mora Garberg Knife – Robust full-tang fixed blade.
  • PDW Compass – only really useful if the planet has a global magnetic field, but the GITD ring could be helpful if not!
  • Small tin with firelighters – a little goes a long way with these wax impregnated starters, if you start to run out, you can always use the tin for creating char cloth.
  • Ru-Titley Knives Firesteel Kit – Starting either a cooking, warming or signal fire.
  • Dry Bag – Used to create one grab-able kit when you need it. Can be used to store water or other gathered resources.

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Jun 23, 2022