Loadout: Walkabout Pack

Here is an indepth look at jcda’s Hazard 4 pack that he uses for working on the go.

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Jean Christophe Diomard Arrazau (Check out his Flickr here and the original image here.): Going for a 2 weeks trip with the minimum gear, 2 weeks, 2000 kms by train and bus while working on projects. The bag is a Hazard 4 second front (the mesh inside is a design flaw, it got torn appart by european plugs, I am quite unhappy about that and H4’s support on that, oh well .. ) with an Aussie RAF velcro patch and a Resident Evil’s Umbrella Corp morale patch.

Clockwise starting from the top left:

  • Buff Tube Scarf “Caviar” Limited edition 
  • an inflatable neck pillow
  • a Gopro hero 3 silver
  • some paracord bought in a french sports chain called “Decathlon”
  • a small USB powerpack (given to me by the guys from Kisti, at the Denver Supercomputing show in 2013)
  • an Opinel knife number 5. Simple, cheap reliable. I can eat with it, peel a fruit, cook or anything.
  • 2 glue sticks, just in case something needs a quick and dirty fix.
  • a Laguiole piezzo lighter, mostly to use as a ghetto glue gun replacement.
  • a screwdriver/light combo
  • a Lenspen to clean a camera’s lens
  • Sunglasses
  • an Apple Macbook pro 15″ with its powerpack – my workhorse/office “home is where the unlimited wifi is reachable”.
  • a silk sleeping bag liner from Decathlon (again?). It keeps me warm at night wherever I am staying.
  • a Victorinox Swisschamp with a traveling pouch (I had it for more than 10 years, it was my second one, It’s always in my bag as a toolbox)
  • a Coles shopping bag (an Australian chain)
  • Apple remote (box closed by a sea sheppard wristband), Apple HDMI adapter, Apple 31 pin cable for an Apple nano 6th gen I have lying around, a Google Chromecast. Useful when I have to do a presentation and there is no cable long enough…
  • a Leuchtturm 1917 dotted notebook, you can note a japanese coin hanging from the lanyard, I am using it to draw a circle for my Chronodexes. I gave up on Moleskines, found these ones, won’t come back.
  • Pens: Waterman hemisphere ink pen with pump, a Bic biro superfine, Bic Criterium.
  • an ikea sandwich bag with toiletries
  • a starbucks bottle with an ikea tea strainer
  • on the Grid-It squarestainless steel chopsticks, 2 USB power cords, a MontBlanc pen ( It seems that I am obsessed with writing…), an SDcard USB adapter, a DVR USB device (Where did I put the antenna?), a QI wireless charger for my Nexus 7, a Snicker’s bar ( I was going for a 6.5 hours bus ride ), a Fisherman’s friend tin box containing, spices, a bit of sugru, earphones, and closed by a wristband I bought for ANZAC day
  • Shielded wallet and Australian International driver’s license
  • a Kindle 3G and a Nexus 7
  • a T&B mouse, It has an intense blue light. Apart from that… just a cheap mouse with a retractable wire.
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