Loadout: Ultralight P.S.K.

Here’s a 4oz personal survival kit put together by student LJ to give him peace of mind while on wilderness recon trips.

​This kit is super light, easily slips into a pocket, and gives you peace of mind on wilderness recon trips. Even if you ditch your main pack, you still have the necessary items to make a shelter, start a fire, purify water, signal for rescue, and treat minor injuries.

The X-PAC pouch from Riveted Oaks Designs keeps the kit slim and light while providing protection from the elements and underbrush. Thanks to the tabs, it can be tied to your belt or tucked under your shirt with a neck lanyard, in addition to being carried in a pocket.

Although the kit may not look like much, a little Macgyvering combined with some backwoods knowledge can keep you alive when things go south. For example, you can combine the triple antibiotic ointment and the Gorilla tape with one of the Tinder Quick Tabs to get an extra-long burning tinder. Use the Kevlar cord as a friction saw, snare wire, ridge line, or fishing line due to its small diameter and stretch resistance. The Scalpel blade can be attached to a stick or pen with the cord or the tape to create a pretty functional little blade. The list of “hacks” is limited only by your ingenuity.

This 4oz kit, although small, has the potential to save your life. Drop it into your pocket on your next adventure and forget about it until a need arises.

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