Loadout: UK Prepper Kit

Here is a loadout of the gear veteran Steve uses as his every day carry kit to help keep him prepared for anything.

I carry the 511 Rush 12 pack everywhere, its modified with extra elasticated shock cord to keep the pack compressed and compact.

I have extra Vac Packed modules of Clothing, Food, Tools etc that I add or remove as neccessary depending on where I am going. I often carry duplicate pieces of kit such as the Flashlight, I have one in my jacket and the one in my pack. The same story with the CRKT CEO pocket knife (UK legal variant), one on my pants pocket and another in the Rush 12.

I design my loadout so that ALL of the packs contents can be easily transferred to my pockets or belt. Boring extras like spare batteries are not shown but I have standardised all my electrically powered kit on either AA or AAA batteries, I only use Energiser Lithium long life batteries to ensure longevity and reliability.

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Mar 12, 2021