Loadout: Stonewall Strategic

Here’s a great loadout from Stonewall Strategic of his everyday carry for the urban or suburban setting.

Goruck GR1 with no side or front MOLLE webbing 
Front pocket: 
Interior top pocket: 
Admin/pen pouch with pens/pencils/sharpie, battery “chem” lights, strike force energy 
Good Luck Charm 
Interior Mesh Pocket: 
ITS Tactical pullout with OTC meds, Band-Aids, steristrips, gauze, triangle bandage, etc 
OSOE Wallet with Cash, spare metro card, debit card, etc 
“PSK” with Gorilla tape wrapped around card, 1 gram gold, $1 face value 90% coins, 1 American Silver Eagle, mini BIC, water purification tabs, micro prybar, screwpop tool, handcuff key, SAR Global dog tag, Sharpie, Gotube with CR123 Batteries
Main compartment: 
Another pen pouch with work/clinical specific pens/markers/etc 
Magpul DAKA (medium) with Anker battery, iPhone/iPad wall brick and cord
RDR Gear Abdominal Medical Pack (AMP) with CAT, NAR mini emergency bandage, Celox Rapid, NAR compressed gauze, ace wrap,  28f NPA, NAR compact chest seals, NAR DART, Space blanket, Frog Tape, mini trauma shears, gloves 

Check out his video loadout here:

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