Loadout: Relic Hunter

This facinating loadout from Sorin, a multitasking graphic designer, art director and animator from Romania, features the kit he uses while metal detecting WW1 and WW2 battlefields for relics. He documents everything on his website that is dedicated to his Grandfather, who fought in WW2, and his bother who was a POW in Siberia.

Sorin: In my spare time I’m in love with the great outdoors, be it steep mountains, hilly forests or the sea side. Because I first started with scrambling, my background is based on a hiker’s perspective, but in the meantime I got poisoned by the “military gear bug”.

About 3 years ago I started metal detecting and the gear that I carry kind of mixes these 2 together quite well I think. Since many areas where I dig for WW1 and WW2 relics are in remote areas, I need to be self sufficient and also be always ready to treat potential injuries so I always carry a full IFAK with me. This is the basic loadout I carry on my metal detecting outings, some things are left at home or in the car based on the season, weather, needs, time spent in the field etc. Since I keep my backpack in it’s ready to grab and go configuration in my work room, the load out can be easily used as a bug out bag, if time calls for that.

The main things I carry:

Bonus items depending on my needs:


  • SOF® Tourniquet
  • Surgical gloves, gauze, elastic phases, compresses, bandages, patches, textile adhesive
  • Various pills (aspirin, ibuprofen, nospa, antidiarrheals, laxatives, water purified, etc.)
  • Spray with hemostatic effect
  • Survival foil, hand warmers
  • Sewing kit + thread
  • Guedel pipe to keep the airway open, chest seal, the dark tubes contain hydrogen peroxide, disinfectant, effervescent magnesium and calcium
  • Scissors
  • Signal mirror, lighter, marker, mentholated candies, duct tape

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