Loadout: LEO SHADO Pack

I saw Nathan share an awesome loadout of his PDW SHADO pack and I just had to ask if I could share it…

by | 29, Jul 2016 | Loadout | 0 comments

Editor: Nathan Barton is a good friend of mine, he has an awesome loadout, but more importantly he’s a LEO and from what I see, they need all the positive press they can get, especially those that I know are doing an incredible job and don’t deserve the flak they’re getting at the moment. I won’t pretend to know the complete story of what’s going on, but genuinely good people getting targeted for a reason not specifically related to them is not right.

He also has his own review website where he talks about the gear he carries and what it means to him. Check out his blog here and don’t forget to following him on IG here.

Nathan: I had to haul my gear to work today and then change after our PT test. What better chance to test the SHADO out than to load up all my duty gear and put it to the test. This is 32 lbs of of gear. It loaded up great and to be honest I could probably get some more little bits of gear in and around things. Pack carries well with no waist belt at all. I cannot wait for the ToF to drop. It is so awesome and carries the 32 lbs great.

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