Loadout: DT Event

I had the great privilege of joining one of my clients (and good friends) during their 72 hour worship event held this weekend. Here’s what I threw together before heading out to the already well drenched event tent!

I always try to work with people who are passionate about what they do, and the passion of the David’s Tent team is truly die-hard. They spend the year working towards their annual 72-hour non-stop worship festival. This year, despite the onslaught of some round the clock heavy rain, around 6,000 gathered to worship together with people and artist from all over the world, across different denominations and church expressions. It’s definitely worth reading more about it here.

Coming back from our holiday on Saturday and my amazing Mother, allowed Mrs Pack Config and I to get down to there for some precious hours of enjoying the event with our friends. We didn’t need loads but it was helpful to have a pack to throw extra clothing in as the event tent was toasty! Plus I always like to have a few back up items, just in case.

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