Loadout: December EDC

My everyday carry doesn’t change as often as the weather, though sometimes it accommodates it. These are some of my favourite everyday pieces, most of which has stood the test of many years of use.

  • Night Recon Patch
  • Akammak Beanie from Alpha Bushcraft – Along with the Akammak Nannok Top, keeps me warm on the cold walk home each day. As temperatures are threatening to dip below 0ºC I’m grateful for the amazing warmth to weight ratio these offer. This beanie is super thin, but strikes that perfect balance of cosy but doesn’t make my head sweat!
  • Mechanix Wear Insulated Gloves (Fast Fit), well these have seen better days, but with diagnosed circulation issues these are literally saving my fingers most days. They saw more than a regular amount of use last year and are back for another season with only some mild signs of wear. I layer these with some merino inserts when it gets really cold, but the dexterity is still pretty good.
  • Spyderco Urban Lightweight – solid, UK legal blade that performs most every day tasks with ease. I’ve got a prototype Jango Fett Bead attached to the clip at the moment, due to be release next year some time.
  • Seiko SNE095P2 watch, with a brand new GRIFFON INDUSTRIES Divers strap. I’ve had a few NATO straps in my time, but this one that I won in a competition is by far the softest, and yet still feels robust – nice work!
  • Just a homemade paracord lanyard I clip onto my keys with a little dwarf bead I got from a European maker on a FB group.
  • Leatherman Wave – I believe this is an older model now but unparalleled in it’s usefulness. If you don’t own a Leatherman multitool, you probably need to. This was a Christmas gift from my parents many years ago and it’s still always in my pack.
  • Apex patch – this guy is just so cool!
  • Climb On! – check out my write up of this product here, still buying one each time it runs out which is testament enough.
  • Punisher patch – I loved the series on Netflix and the symbol it stands for, the statement Chris Kyle made through it, plus it’s just such a cool logo. I got this from a friend and can’t find the exact product, but there are many patches out there with this on.
  • iPhone 7 – it does what I need from a phone. That is all.
  • Ru-Marker XL – These are 1.5″ versions of Ru’s original Cyflect Marker kits that I sell in the store. I have this on the arm of my coat for the walks back in the dark, always good to be seen while crossing roads in the dark, may as well do it in style!
  • PDW Dog Tag Tool with Ru-Marker Mini Cog Bead on a paracord lanyard, this gets clipped to whichever keys I’m using – I have different sets. The Dog Tag Tool, other than being really cool, performs many handy functions and the Cog Bead means I won’t loose my keys if I drop them in the dark (which has actually happened to me!).

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