LOADOUT: Bunker Hills Trip

Here’s a loadout that przemek.ma used for a short trip through the bunker hills on Hel Penninsula, Poland.

  • Mystery Ranch Spartan with ITW & PDW collab patch

  • Crud of Sweden gloves

  • Hellikon Tex Trooper Jacket with CustomKnives.pl patch

  • Wild Willy Beff jerky

  • Esbit Titanium pot PT750-TI

  • Snow Peak Titanium Spork

  • Fire Marple Titanium Ultralight Stove

  • Klean Kanteen bottle

  • Swedish Fold-a-cup

  • ITS Gizmo Lite Bag with photo gear

  • ITS Slim Pouch with trauma kit

  • Chris Reeve Sebenza 21

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Sep 21, 2021