Loadout: Bullet Work EDC

Here’s a superbly organised collection of gear that Modchop uses for his everyday work carry, which includes his thoughts on the GORUCK 15L pack.

Starting with the pack itself; the pack is a GORUCK ‘Bullet 15’ (made in the USA) and has a capacity of 15 litres which has become my favoured capacity for general every day carry.

I’ve always taken a modular approach to loading my packs so that the load can be easily and quickly transferred to another pack if required and also so that the items can change according to need.

The pack itself is fairly simple in construction being quite plain on the outside except for three horizontal rows of PALS webbing (three rows by six columns) across the lower front and a front zippered pocket.

There is a substantial grab handle on the top and generously padded shoulder straps. Also on the front is a 2”x 3” Velcro panel for morale patches with a reversed American flag stitching detail.

Inside the pack it has a simple slip pocket on the back panel for a hydration bladder or documents. A pass-through for a hydration hose is directly below the grab handle and a simple D ring allows a bladder to be suspended if needed.

The pack opens full clamshell and on the inside of the front panel are two pockets; a small solid pouch at the top, handy for quick access items and a larger mesh pocket directly below. It should be noted that neither of these pockets have much volume of their own so are best suited to thin/slimmer items.

A quick note on the build quality of these packs; believe the hype! They are totally overbuilt and the materials, construction and attention to detail are pretty much flawless.

Moving to the contents starting top middle is a 5.11 UCR IFAK pouch the contents of which will cover most things from major trauma to a paper cut.

Top right is my Anker Soundcore 2 Bluetooth speaker in its travel case.

Directory below that is a black Multicam pouch made by @firefly15_hanks and holds a Victorinox Explorer Plus, antibacterial hand gel and wipes, a knife, fork & spoon set, spare batteries, reading glasses and usually a few snacks for the day.

The Velcro front panel is home to various morale patches that get switched out as and when.

Moving back to the centre and directly below the IFAK is a Muc Off Essentials case that holds a few basic tools including a Leatherman Wave and bit set, Maratac scissors and a small brass ruler.

Bottom left is a Vans pencil case that holds an Anker 10000 mah powerbank, Lightning lead and wall plug plus a couple of other leads, USB3/USB Micro etc.

Right of that is my ever faithful 20 Dollar Bandit ‘Micro Pouch’ wearing a rather nice Mudhorn patch.

It currently contains several plasters, some cash, AAA Streamlight, spare AAA battery, prybar, lighter and a Leatherman PS4 multitool.

Moving right again is a small MCB pouch, again made by Firefly15 Hanks which contains some wired Apple earphones.

Right of that is my long serving LED Lenser P7 which has given many years of reliable service to date.

Moving to the right once again is my Recycled Firefighter notebook cover which currently holds a standard Field Notes notebook (dot grid) with a Zebra stainless steel F-701.

Finally above the notebook are my Soundcore/Anker Liberty Air 2 ear pods in their wireless rechargeable case.

All of the above fits within the pack while still leaving space for an extra layer of clothing, one litre water bottle, snacks and a hat and sunglasses.

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Mar 23, 2021