Loadout: Backpacking Weekend

Here’s what Ramona, a nature loving Romanian working in IT, used for a weekend camping adventure.

Ramona: I am a Romanian woman working in IT, in love with the nature and her teachings. Nature is my therapy, my doctor, my priest, my coach, my stress releaser, my anxiety cure, my adrenaline, my adventure and my breath of fresh air.

  • Backpack – Deuter Act Lite 35+10
  • Boots – LaSportiva TX5
  • Tent – Ferrino Sintesi 1
  • Rain Jacket – Marmot
  • Down Jacket – CMP
  • Treck Poles – Zajo
  • Sitting Isoprene – Decathlon
  • Sleeping Bag – Trimm Balance
  • Sleeping mattress – Pinguin Sherpa 30

Check out her Instagram account for more about this adventure here.

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Jul 16, 2021