Loadout: Arc’teryx Assault EDC

Here’s a comprehensive EDC loadout from Clément, co-founder of Hydra Heads Design.

Clément: Here’s my updated loadout that I have for my EDC.

The previous loadout I had was using my Litespeed for EDC use. Since sharing this a year ago, my needs have changed and so my EDC bag has also changed to suit my new needs.

But the basic principles that governed my choice of bag and gear have not changed. The purpose of all this is to be autonomous in case of failure. My main items are always the same:

  • Multitool
  • IFAK
  • Organizer pouch


What differs here from my previous loadout is the carry system. It differs because it doubled in volume. I went with a 45L volume for the following reasons:

  • I have to take my lunch with me
  • I have to make business trips within a radius of about 200km around my usual place of work


After looking for THE bag that would suit me the most, I was seduced by the Arc’teryx Leaf Assault Pack. I saw the Assault 45 in action and I immediately understood that it would meet all my needs. The configuration possibilities of this bag are endless! The only drawback is that I had to completely rethink my way of organizing my EDC.

I have had this bag for about 4 months and I must say that it did not take long to find the configuration that I present to you today. The principle of developing it were speed ​​of access and versatility.

I started by setting up my IFAK which consists of three elements:

Then I found the location for my OP1 in the upper pocket of the bag (fixed into the pocket by a carabiner).

The rest of the bag consists of two elements with mesh pouches for the sides. I use this for my power bank, lamp, cables for my charger etc. I also have a large mesh bag that I use to take my lunch.

Under my IFAK I have a pocket that takes my bottle. I also bring a LBX Grab’n’Go bag for all the paperwork for meetings. The outer side pockets of the bag contain the ventral belt system of the bag on one side and a shemagh and a towel on the other side.

I also modify the original Zippers by replacing them with sweater zippers from PSIGEAR (I also thank Hexatac for giving these to me!).

Editor: Hydra Heads Design is fresh off the block with some patch designs, but even more exciting is the behind the scenes into their cutlery production! You can check them out here.

Editor: Nothing helps our pack choices more than learning from others, so if you have a great loadout to share click the button below to get started…

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