Piotr Ma

Contributor & Edge Specialist

Adventurer, outdoorsman, mountaineer, sailor and gear enthusiast from Poland. It all started for Piotr when he was 10 and went to the high mountains with his father. Now he’s transferring his experiences and knowledge to the younger generation, together with his wife. His perfect vacation is not an all-inclusive hotel but a nothing-inclusive mountain shelter.

Piotr shares it all on Pack Config and also outdoor and gear related forums (as PiterM). He’s a dedicated hiker, who constantly looks for his Holy Grail Pack, so he tests new stuff each season. His favorite pack & gear brands are Prometheus Design Werx, Mystery Ranch, Hill People Gear, Kifaru, Arcteryx, Vargo and more. He also has a considerable knowledge about edged tools (knives and axes), including cutting tools from Chris Reeve, Strider, Spyderco, Helle, Gransfors Bruks, Roselli and other brands.

Posts by Piotr:

Review: ACE Clyde

Review: ACE Clyde

The personal pocket pal by Giant Mouse, who’s always there to help with daily duties. The Clyde is really featherlight, barely noticeable in a pocket, but can it really get the job done?

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