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While I was researching packs for a 100km endurance hiking challenge, my interest in how we organise our gear gave birth to Pack Config, a place that inspires its readers to improve their own packs. What I carry, either daily or out on a hike, is constantly being refined as I discover new methods and products.

The unpredictable UK weather provides a constant challenge for my packing decisions. I enjoy every form of walking from woodland discovering with my wife and son, to long distance hiking across the local Downs. I had the privilege of deploying with Team Rubicon UK at the end of 2015 as a photographer/mud-shoveller and was humbled and impacted by the calibre and attitude of the whole team. I also take every opportunity I get to pursue my bushcraft techniques.

Posts by Nat:

Loadout: December EDC

Loadout: December EDC

My everyday carry doesn’t change as often as the weather, though sometimes it accommodates it. These are some of my favourite everyday pieces, most of which has stood the test of many years of use.

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