Mervyn Tan


Nurtured to adore nature and the great wilderness, inspired all by his late father, Mervyn spent his growing up days fishing and spending time outdoors with his old man, who was trained by the Israeli Army in the early years of Singapore after the country gained its independence.

Since then, Mervyn’s passion for nature and love for adventure has evolved to seeking wild expeditions in fly fishing, trekking, and filming the experiences himself to share the stories.

“Not everyone of us is a great storyteller, and in my humble opinion, the best way to share your stories is by way of photography and cinematography.”

When he’s not embarking on expeditions, Mervyn spends time taking pictures of his gear and sharing them on social media (IG handle: Trachinotus), something which he finds therapeutic and satisfying. Like Fujimoto, Mervyn feels incredibly honoured to be invited to join the team of contributors.

Editor: Make sure you also check out this great video created by Mervyn titled: Mahakam, The Last Frontier…

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