David Massey

Senior Contributor & Recon Specialist

David Massey is from the USA and works full time as a MultiMedia Producer, Photojournalist and writer, creating imagery for an aeronautical university and shooting freelance assignments wherever they may be. He’s traveled to Africa, Asia, Europe and Central America in search of a good story.

Massey has enjoyed living in Ohio, Colorado, California and now Florida. He survived one GORUCK Challenge, however, he claims his greatest life achievements are marrying his wife and the birth of their daughter. He enjoys hand crafted ales, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, ocean life, basically anything outdoors and all the gear that goes with it.

Posts by David:

Recon: Direct Action Foxtrot

Recon: Direct Action Foxtrot

It’s been over 30 years since fanny packs were really popular. I never considered even trying one on since I put away the neon gear back in the day, but the Direct Action Foxtrot has me reconsidering things.

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