Modding and Pockets

3 quick and clever modifications to the new Litespeed, including how to adapt it into a hybrid Fast Pack EDC using a Dunamis Gear pouch.

Triple Aught Design doesn’t take color releases lightly. So when the new Litespeed came out in something other than Black, I jumped on it. Coyote Brown is a bit darker and less green than their previous Coyote Khaki. It’s rumored that Coyote Brown was only available to military operations until recently. Whatever the reason is, it looks dark and beautiful.

The first mod I did was to replace the 1 in. sternum strap with a ¾ in. strap from SKD Tactical. I went with a split tri-glide pre made sternum strap attachment because finding any extra hardware in Coyote Brown is about as difficult as ordering an actual coyote to your door. I couldn’t find any DIY repair supplies in Coyote Brown, and I searched until the end of the internet. So I left the existing tri-glide and just removed the 1 in. strapping and buckles. I like the smaller size of the ¾.

The Litespeed is the perfect size pack for EDC needs, however, I don’t always pack the perfect pack and sometimes I just want more space. If or when the redesigned TAD EDC is released (crossing fingers for this), I want a bit more space once in a while.

When you get a new pack, all that PALS webbing is like a blank canvas just begging for modification. So I hit the web for ideas.

So I was looking around online for a nice pouch that added some cu. in. but I didn’t want to lose the option of having the OP1 pouch on the front of the pack either. Somehow I found . Owner Tim Harper has been designing pouches and doing custom pack work for a while now. His dedication to good design and craftsmanship was apparent the second I laid eyes on the Cargo Hanger.

Essentially it’s a simple pouch, but good design should be simple without sacrificing utility. It’s so simple it’s brilliant. I ordered the  which attaches to PALS webbing using mil-spec ITW G-Hooks. My medium Cargo Hanger adds about 450 cu. in., which is a surprising amount of space when you start filling it.

Hooking it on to the Triple Aught Design Transporter Tail was easy and secure once you cinch down the adjustable webbing. It comes off just as easy if you find that you don’t need the extra space.

Dunamis Gear’s pouches can be made in 500D or 1000D Cordura and come in a range of colors. Harper makes his pouches in house in Walla Walla, Washington and your pouch goes into production, even with various customizations available, almost immediately after placing your order.

Dunamis Gear makes a larger Center Zip Cargo Hanger as well that sort of resembles a mini duffel bag and can attach vertically on the side of your pack in the same method. Available customizations include top-zippers, contrast zippers, PALS webbing and Hypalon bottoms for waterproofing. Top Zip Cargo Hangers come in Small, Medium and Large and Wide. I went with Medium to fit perfectly on the front of the pack. They appear to be made for each other.

I also replaced the 550 cinch paracord on the top of the Litespeed with shock cord in Ranger Green. I like the contrast look of it and it adds a bit more functionality to the feature in my opinion.

I’m just getting warmed up so stay tuned for more mods.

David Massey Senior Contributor & Recon Specialist

David Massey is from the USA and works full time as a MultiMedia Producer, Photojournalist and writer, creating imagery for an aeronautical university and shooting freelance assignments wherever they may be. He’s traveled to Africa, Asia, Europe and Central America in search of a good story. More…