Evergoods Presents Crossover Equipment

Weekend Warriors, Keyboard Jockeys and Mall Ninjas listen up! A new line of packs is being designed and manufactured for the likes of all of us. One pack two rule them all! Or maybe two…

Evergoods is Jack Barley, Co-Founder of GORUCK and Kevin Dee, an R&D expert in materials and construction from Patagonia. They have struck out on their own to forge a new path in the wilderness of backpacks, or think of a new route to avoid traffic.

CROSSOVER equipment sounds like a brilliant design philosophy: “the technical refinement of outdoor goods with the ease and appeal of everyday wear.”

Their Kickstarter Campaign has launched boosting Evergoods into full production with two packs: The CPL24 and the MPL30.

The Mountain Panel Loader 30L

“an outdoor focused backpack with an attention to fit, function, durability, and detail that make it thrive as an active day bag in any environment.”

Civic Panel Loader 24L

“a city focused backpack with an attention to fit, function, durability, and detail that make thrive as an active day bag in any environment.”

If you read these descriptions and thought you were seeing double, you weren’t. They are two bags with slightly different intentions, but with the same design philosophy: to be comfortable and useful at the office and on the trail.

Think of it as the right tool for the guy (or gal) who spends most of his time outdoors but occasionally has to go into the Babylon of the Metropolitan world. Conversely, you might be the person who unfortunately spends more time under fluorescent lighting and in front of a computer but longs to get outdoors whenever and wherever possible. Evergoods could be the answer.

The packs are well thought out because their DNA has been developed over years of evolution in business. With side carry straps, full zip openings, laptop/bladder carry and streamlined looks, both packs have similar stylings with slightly different shapes.

I have always had a pack for outdoor use and a pack that I took to the office every day, but now I may need to retire one or the other, or both and trade them in for one pack. Because I never know, I might need to go straight from the office to the camp site! Seriously though, I don’t have to pretend anymore, my pack will show exactly who I am: A regular dude with a regular life, that wishes he was an action figure, trailblazing the outdoors on adventures all day, or staying stealth, downtown on covert ops.

David Massey Senior Contributor & Recon Specialist

David Massey is from the USA and works full time as a MultiMedia Producer, Photojournalist and writer, creating imagery for an aeronautical university and shooting freelance assignments wherever they may be. He’s traveled to Africa, Asia, Europe and Central America in search of a good story. More…